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Stefano Mandija is currently employed as a clinical scientist /postdoctoral researcher in the Radiotherapy department of the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Computational Imaging Group.


Stefano was born in Camposampiero, Padua (Italy) in September 1988. He was educated as a bioengineer at the University of Padua, 2007-2013. Afterwards, he moved to The Netherlands where he received his Ph.D. in the field of non-invasive characterization of tissue electrical properties with MRI at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 2018. Subsequently, he was offered a Post-Doc position at the Radiology and Radiotherapy departments of the University Medical Center Utrecht. His research topics range from fundamental and methodological research to clinical development of quantitative MRI methods and MRI biomarkers for diagnostic and radiotherapy treatment response prediction and monitoring. In particular, he works on the characterization of tissue electrical properties for early-stage radiotherapy treatments efficacy assessment using MRI (NWO recipient VENI grant 2020), MRI-based guidance of spinal cord stimulation (RESTORE and Prep2GO consortia), and he also supports the development and translation of quantitative MRI methods in clinical settings (MR-STAT). He is also clinical MR-physicist for breast tumour radio-ablation, and MRI-guided cardiac radio-ablation using stereotactic radiotherapy ( consortium).


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PhD thesis

Non-Invasive Characterization of Brain Tissue Electrical Properties with MRI, 23 January 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands, ISBN: 978-90-393-6904-3, Utrecht University.

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Keywords: MRI Physics| Electrical Properties Tomography | MRI in Radiotherapy | MR-STAT | MRI-guided cardiac radioablation

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