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Matteo Maspero is an assistant professor investigating adaptive Radiotherapy, image acquisition/reconstruction, registration and segmentation with the aid of deep learning. Since 2023, he moved a step closer to the clinic with a training as medical physicist in the Radiotherapy department of UMC Utrecht. He is involved in research activities translating computational methods in clinical settings.


Matteo is born Como (Italy) in May 1989 and studied Physics at the Insubria University graduating (cum laude) in March 2014, where he gained interest in experimental Physics, with a predilection for particle detectors. Following this interest, he had the opportunity to perform profilometry measurements of an anti-proton beam and measure the diameter of the Sun with a pixelated silicon detector and develop a detector for spectral measurements of neutrons produced by an in-hospital linear accelerator. After getting in touch with the hospital environment and feeling the need of broadening his horizons, he decided to step into the field of medical imaging, where, by chance, detectors are somehow involved. Form May 2014 to May 2018 he was enrolled as a PhD candidate at the Radiotherapy Department of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (The Netherlands). During his PhD project, he had the luck to discover the beauty of magnetic resonance imaging in the practical realm of radiotherapy. Since 2018, Matteo has been a Postdoc dedicating his efforts to translate deep learning for adaptive radiotherapy clinically. He has been appointed assistant professor, from January 2022 gaining the opportunity to facilitate clinical translation further and keeping an eye on cutting-edge software and its integration and development in the healthcare continuum. Nowadays, medical imaging and radiotherapy are still Matteo’s passions and from 2023 Matteo is following a training to become medical physicist (radiotherapy pathway) along with translational research.


Key publications

PhD thesis MR-only Radiotherapy of prostate cancer, 1 May 2014 - 28 April 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands, ISBN: 978-90-393-6953-1, Utrecht University.

Keywords: Deep learning | Magnetic resonance imaging | Medical imaging | Image segmenation | Image registration | Image reconstruction | Adaptive radiotherapy

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