Professor Nico van den Berg is the head of the Computational Imaging group for MRI diagnostics and therapy of the Centre of Image Sciences at the UMC Utrecht. Nico studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente from 1993 to 2000. After a short stay in industry, he decided to pursue a PhD at the University Medical Centre Utrecht in 2002 where he fell in love with MRI. Since then he has been pursuing new innovations in MRI from first principles modelling and hardware engineering to developing new MRI sequences for clinic with a particular focus on MRI guided radiotherapy. As the research expanded over the years with more topics, more reseachers joined the bandwagon leading to the start of the Computational Imaging Group for MRI therapy and diagnostics in 2019. Nico has been appointed as full professor in 2020. Currently, Nico is (co)leading various research projects on MRI methods & hardware for MRI guided radiotherapy, new MRI diagnostics using MR-STAT technology, automated imaging workflows for radiotherapy using deep learning and his first love on electromagnetics of MRI. For this purpose he draws on expertise and advances from the fields of (MR) physics, mathematics, computing and deep learning. He is proud to work with the members of the Computationa Imaging group and finds it a privilige to work at Imaging/Oncology division of the UMC Utrecht.


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Keywords: MRI Physics | MR-STAT | Deep Learning | MR-guided radiotherapy | Electromagnetics of MRI

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