Electrical properties


Electrical Properties Tomography (EPT) is a new method to map the dielectric properties (electrical conductivity and permittivity) of tissue at MRI frequencies (64-300MHz). At MRI frequencies, variations in the intra- and extracellular ionic concentration are the major source of conductivity variations. The EPT theory and MR methodology was partly developed at the UMC Utrecht. The reconstruction is based on mapping of the radiofrequency (RF) magnetic field amplitude and phase.

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Deep Learning for EPT

Recently, we have shown that the exploitation of deep-learning methods for EPT and their integration with physics-based reconstructions lead to great improvements in the quality of EPT reconstructions, opening a new horizon for this technique.

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Clinical applications of EPT

Pathologies with altered ionic homeostasis are of interest to investigate with EPT since changes in the electrical conductivity of tissues reflect changes in tissue viability. Current research aims at using EPT as a biomarker for tumour characterization and radiotherapy treatment monitoring at early-stages of treatment (NWO-Veni grant).

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Astrid van Lier
Medical physicist
Stefano Mandija
Assistant Professor